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beauxi® Stretch Mark Cream is modern day magic cream that uses science and nature to prevent/fade future & existing stretch marks.

Stretch Marks are a scaring of the skin, resulting from sudden changes in growth such as puberty, rapid weight gain or muscle building. It most commonly occurs during pregnancy and is something pregnant women fear. The telltale markings are unpredictable, unsightly and embarrassing.

Climb back in your bathing suit with confidence, thanks to beauxi®'s revolutionary Stretch Mark Cream. Thanks to scientific advances in ingredient technology, we’ve formulated a Cosmetic magic to successfully treat and prevent Stretch Marks.

For better preparation during pregnancy and confidence boosting results, it uses unique ingredients that go to work fading the scars, while moisturizing the skin.

  • Fades the appearance of Stretch Marks (striae)
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin for increased elasticity
  • Reduces inflammation caused by stress on the skin
  • Helps prevent the occurrence of future Stretch Marks
  • Provides a smoother surface and even complexion

A New Chapter in Beauty: Why Using Natural Plant-Based Products is Important

It’s natural to want to look good, but it’s also very important to feel and be well inside and out. That means treating our body well becomes a propriety, and knowing that what we put on it is as important as what we put in it. Skin is the largest organ of the body and anything we put on it is readily absorbed into our body systems, including lotions, creams, and other beauty products. This fact has lead to an increased awareness and recognition of the negative effects synthetic-based cosmetic products are having on overall health and well-being.

Natural, plant-based products not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle, they are truly effective. Plant-based ingredients are of a superior quality, containing many nutrient-rich compounds that work harmoniously with the natural functions of the skin. Because they are nourishing to the body, natural ingredients have are more beneficial and have longer-lasting effects. Instead of breaking down the skin, they tend to be gentler (great for sensitive skin) and build up the skin, boosting it to help reach its full, beautiful potential.

Your skin is designed to protect you in many ways, it deserves to be protected by giving it the best ingredients nature has to offer.

How It Works ?!

We’ve incorporated 3 wonderful active ingredients into this cream to achieve both removal and prevention of Stretch Marks

To erase Marks already present, we’ve added a powerful peptide called Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5. This stimulates the production of Collagen which in turn increases the cellular density of the affected area. The reparation of cellular density results in the fading and diminishment of the scars.

Since Stretch Marks result from the skins’ inability to keep up with the bodies’ sudden growth, we’ve included Panthenol; a nourishing Vitamin. This hydrates the skin to increase suppleness and asticity, allowing more flexible skin adaptation when undergoing rapid growth.

Finally, we’ve used a safe botanical extract called Marrubium vulgare that protects the skin from degradation, and reduces any inflammation that may occur during stretching. Blended together in a rich and nourishing moisturizer, this remarkable cream smooths out ridges while boosting your skin’s flexibility.

Stop worrying about the effects of pregnancy or growth spurts, and stop considering dangerous and costly surgery. Thanks to this safe and natural lotion, the effects of pregnancy or any other Stretch Mark catalyst can be treated and maintained without hassle, in just a few simple daily applications.

Key Ingredients?

This extract acts upon the cells within the hypodermis (layer of fat just below of the skin). The fat cells within this layer are referred to as Aldipose and cover our entire body. They also fulfill many functions, most importantly storing energy and contributing to the plasticity of tissue. The properties of this powerful agent go directly to work on the Aldipose fat layer, to affect the fat cells directly and adjust this critical component in the cellulite puzzle.

Pantothenic acid, which is actually vitamin B5, has been used in cosmetic products for years because it is so good for your hair and skin. Vitamin B5, like all other B vitamins, helps your body to convert carbs into energy, and supports the production of protein-rich tissues such as collagen.

Marrubium Vulgare (Horehound) is a natural ingredient that protects the skin during stretching and reduces inflammation. This white horehound plant is a small bitter strong-smelling hairy herb that grows with white flowers and green leaves with a tradition use in medicine.

Component of skin tissue. Synthetic variations are used in skincare products to function as a superior skin-replenishing ingredient. Hyaluronic acid has restorative abilities and can boost skin's moisture content, soothe, and defend against moisture loss.

How to Apply ?!

Follow these three simple steps each day in order to get the best results:

Prepare the skin for absorption by exfoliating or simply washing the area and making sure the skin is dry before application.

Apply evenly on all areas of the body where you have stretch marks or want to prevent future marks. Gently massage the lotion into the area in a circular motion.

To boost the results, combine the treatment with a healthy diet and regular exercise ! Follow the regiment and enjoy the results!


Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I was at the third month of my pregnancy when the stretch marks started to show up slowly. This picture is when I was in my 8th month, that's when I started using beauxi stretch mark cream, which I thought was too late to prevent the marks from happening. After delivering the baby I continued using the product twice daily and 5 months after half of the stretch marks are GONE!!! I thought this cream saved my life cause I've always been very thin and I can't imagine hiding my body under the cloths just because I have stretch marks. I'm really happy with my purchase and I hope this will help other users.

~ Lorraine Spencer, 34
Middletown, NJ

Starting summer 2016 until spring 2017 I lost about 53 pounds! I was working out at the same time to build muscle and avoid skin sagging. I would like to say that everything worked exactly the way I wanted except the huge stretch marks that this weight loss left behind. I would like to say that this product really made a HUGE difference in the appearance of the stretch marks. In the pictures you can see how different my upper-triceps look after using this product for 3 months religiously! Being a male in my mid 40's and believing in a beauty product is not too far from reality!

~ Fernando Estevez, 46
Fallon, NV

I have 4 children, my youngest is 19 now! I never used or was close to any beauty products that would prevent stretch mark during pregnancy! After all these years I started attending yoga classes with my friend and was told that beauxi stretch mark cream can reduce the stretch marks even from years ago. Even though I didn't believe that, I was convinced to buy one! I won't lie, the first one did close to nothing for me but I could see slight changes to my almost 25 years old stretch marks. After the second jar I made sure that this product really works, even for older people! THANK YOU!!!

~ Emma Sloan, 57
Carleton, MI

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